Second Opinion

Second Opinion allows participants and their dependents to receive expert second opinion to validate the diagnosis and treatment plan received. 


Second Opinion works with a Canada-wide network of medical specialists allows the patient to receive a second medical opinion report for one of the serious medical conditions covered under the plan through consultation with a Canadian specialist(s) or appropriate US hospital and get medical coordination*, including financial discounts whenever possible, for traveling to see a US/worldwide medical specialist, if required.


The Novus Health Medical Team offers leading support uses the best medical practices and collaborates with the participant’s medical practitioners. We leverage our Canadian direct network of medical specialists to obtain the best medical diagnostic and treatment opinions. When needed, we call upon our worldwide Preferred Provider Organizations, our HMO network in the U.S. and their Centers of Excellence.

      1.     Locates Canadian Medical Specialists

    Online resources are available and a health information specialist can be reached by telephone to help identify the treating physicians and/or medical specialists in the participant’s area and that is best suited for the specific medical condition.

      2.     Communicates which medical treatments are accessible in the Canadian healthcare system

    Identify the various programs and treatments available in the participant’s area for his or her specific medical condition. The terms and possible risks that can be associated with the treatment options are explained to help the participant make sound decisions.


      3.    Offers a second medical opinion

    Provide a Second Medical Opinion report for important medical conditions. Second Opinion offers a comprehensive review of the participant’s medical file by expert medical consultants across Canada. This review includes:

        4.     Coordinates medical services*

      Upon request, medical coordination services can be provided for the patient to receive a medical treatment outside of the province of residence. Novus Health® can coordinate certain aspects related to medical services such as: 

        Arranging medical appointments
        Organizing medical transport
        Hotel reservations for the patient and/or family
        Purchase of plane or train tickets etc.
        Information regarding passports, Visas
        Fee negotiation for a surgery or specific treatment

      * All fees are payable and unique patient's responsibility. Novus Health is committed to coordinate services only.


      Accessing Second Opinion Services

      To access this service, the member or dependent must call Second Opinion at 1-866-785-3169. The member must provide the group insurance policy and certificate number. The Novus Health® team will then assign an agent to further assist the member or dependent.


      About Second Opinion

      Second Opinion is a service provided by Novus Health, a privately owned Canadian company founded in 2006. Novus Health offers Canadian organizations custom-designed, turn-key solutions that help members navigate our health care system with ease and confidence. Novus Health provides health navigation and wellness solutions to more than 5 million Canadians.