A better kind of mortgage insurance!
FlexOptions is a decreasing term mortgage insurance designed to offer your clients better coverage with more flexibility, at level premiums.
Product features
 Issue ages: 18-65
 Life coverage from $50,000 to $4,000,000
 Term options: 15, 20, 25-years
 Online application - quick approval!
 Accelerated issue with no medical exam* for coverage up to $999,999 for ages 18 to 45.
 Insurance amount will never decrease below 50% of initial coverage amount
 Guaranteed premiums
 Single or joint coverage
 Portable - follows loan with any financial institution!
 Client chooses the beneficiary - we pay them, not the banks.
 Critical Illness
 DI loan repayment option (including personal lines of credit)
 DI income replacement option
 DI coverage up to $3,500 ($1,500 for simplified issue)
 Waiver of Premium upon Disability (WP)
 Accidental Fracture Plus
*Restrictions apply. 

Lia worksheet for underwritten products