Term insurance with guaranteed insurability.
Youth Plus offers a quick and easy way to provide guaranteed insurability at little cost. Convert Youth Plus to a permanent or term insurance at age 25, regardless of health status.
Product features

 Issue ages: 0 (15 days) to 17 years (payable to age 25)
 Coverage: $35,000 - $175,000
 Guaranteed insurability (convert at age 25 without proof of insurability) 
 Simplified issue with no medical exam*
 Guaranteed level premiums
 Living benefit ($10,000 for each $35,000 of insurance) when diagnosed with one of the
   following medical conditions:
    - Cancer
    - Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
    - Heart attack
    - Vital organ transplant
    - Paraplegia
    - Quadriplegia

 Youth Plus life rider (maximum of 5)
 Waiver of Premium upon Death (WPD) on owner or payer
 Waiver of Premium upon Disability (WP) on owner or payer
 Accidental Death (AD)
 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
*Restrictions apply.