If your clients are looking for an investment strategy to grow their assets over a specified period of time for a certain goal, and not have to worry about all the financial aspects, components and jargon that comes with investing, SmartSeries target date funds is a great option for them. Based on the target date closest to the year they plan to achieve their goal (i.e. retirement, new home, cottage, and so on), SmartSeries follows a glide path that adjusts the underlying asset allocation over time to ensure capital preservation to achieve the goal. Our expert portfolio manager, Louisbourg Investments, takes care of the mechanics of investing in a funds offering this type of investment strategy.

Key Characteristics 


Ideal for:

  • Retirement planning
  • Goal-oriented savings (i.e., car, vacation, renovations, etc.)
  • Education savings strategy (outside RESP)
  • Clients who are new to investing, want to start their financial planning journey
  • Clients looking for a “set it and forget it” approach
  • Clients who have limited time during the day to review and pay attention to everything happening in the markets


  • Ease of use and easy to pick an investment strategy
  • A unique and exclusive product for Assumption Life 
  • Managed by a committee to ensure it meets the fund’s glide path
  • Great solution for brokers looking to simplify their compliance process

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