The build-your-own term, disability & critical illness insurance!
FlexTerm lets clients build their own term insurance by allowing them to choose the disability insurance option that best suits their needs! Our FlexTerm product is easy to apply for and offers savings by combining term and disability insurance in a single product.
Product features
 Issue ages: 18-75
 Life coverage from $50,000 to $4,000,000
 Online application
  Accelerated issue with no medical exam* for coverage up to $999,999 for ages 18 to 45.
 Term 10 option (ages 18-75)
 Term 15 option (ages 18-70)
 Term 20 option (ages 18-65)
 Term 25 option (ages 18-60)
 Term 30 option (ages 18-55)
 Term 35 option (ages 18-50)
 Guaranteed premiums
 Guaranteed coverage
 Term exchange option
 Single or joint coverage