Has your client been declined for insurance in the past 2 years?
He or she can still qualify for Golden Protection with the Deferred option!*
Product features
 Issue ages: 40-85
 Up to $50,000 in coverage
 No medical exam
 No attending physician statement (APS)
 Online application
 Guaranteed premiums
 Life or 20-pay
 2-year waiting period for insurance coverage 
 Cash values
 An additional amount equal to four times (4x) the sum insured up to $150,000 in case 
  of accidental death in a public transportation vehicle (common carrier)  
 Living benefit: 50% of sum insured 
 Transportation benefit: 200km/up to $2,000
 Golden Protection
 Golden Protection Deferred
 Accidental Fracture Plus
*Approval for Golden Protection Deferred insurance is dependent on the answers given on the insurance application.